Jean-Michel Basquiat x Bed On Water Collaboration: in May 2022 Black Fashion Fair reached out and asked if we would be interested in a fashion collaboration with the Jean-Micehel Basquiat estate that would complement the new Basquiat: King Pleasure exhibit that the Basquiat family had produced + curated. considering we have loved and researched Basquiat’s work for years we were more than excited to join this project.

we got to view Basquiat works that have never been seen before. we chose 10 paintings where the viewer has to second guess if they were looking at a Basquiat or not. we were asked to make 1 look and had so much fun working on this that we made 6. we always do more than required when we feel truly inspired.

timberland x jimmy choo collaboration: in 2021 POC-focused fashion agency Harlem's Fashion Row reached out to us to gauge our interest in a luxury footwear collaboration. we had no idea it would be a multi-national collaboration with Jimmy Choo + Timberland. we were asked to create styles inspired by the essence of new york city. we started our research with 3 musicians and style icons from NYC: Lil Kim from Brooklyn, Kelis from Harlem, + mary j. blige from the Bronx. we analyzed some of their most iconic looks alongside every timberland collab we could find whether authorized or unauthorized. we wanted to design timbs unlike any that's been done before with strong feminine undertones.

collection 4: c4 is 10 look capsule collection featuring original distorted paintings turned into prints. we wanted to make a collection of basics using all stretch materials and simple silhouettes. we held a curated fashion and art exhibition at spring studios in NYC to showcase this work. the space was transformed to make visitors feel like they have entered a party that was frozen in time. the installation featured furniture and materials from our home. it was meant to make you feel like you are a part of our universe. 

Editorial posters: in Oct 2022 we did a series of original posters that could serve as materials for a genre of fashion horror films - these are meant to plant the seeds for where we see the brand going.

collection 3: c3 is a 20-look collection we debuted during MADE 2022 in NYC with sponsorship from IMG + PayPal. this was the first season we featured our painted prints. we cut and constructed these prints organically which allowed the imagery to align in ways we could not control.  it was an exciting way to work and we plan on expanding our print engineering over time.